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08 Sep 2016

In the aftermath of the tragic deaths of 3 teens in the Conejo Valley, OPHS students created this video for both educational purposes as well as a call to to look out for each other. The video also introduces details of the California "Underage Immunity" Assembly Bill 1999.

16 Aug 2016

16 Aug 2016

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a disease. It is the uncontrollable intake of alcohol or the chronic consumption of alcohol up to the extent that it is already causing problems to the user- physically, mentally and socially.

Alcohol as a central nervous system depressant can cause psychological and physical addiction. Its effects include, low inhibition, alertness, anxiety and feelings of guilt. It damages the person’s motor coordination, judgment and perception. Alcohol addiction destructs the normal function of the brain, liver, heart and other organs in the body.

The early signs of alcoholism are hard to detect. Most of them can only be confirmed in the later stages of chronic alcoholism. Some of the signs that...